Learn here the story about our DoP Emblem and its Symbols

from Dr. M.Sc. Dimitra Potsi / Eurynome Stuttgart

On November 16, 1929, Alexandra Apostolidis founded the "Daughters of Penelope" Organization (the first female Greek chapter of the extended "AHEPA Family") in San Francisco, California, and in a short time it became the first chapter of EOS No. 1, a name inspired by Greek mythology.

Based on the symbols of the emblem of the Daughters of Penelope, we will take an exciting journey through time and the history of Greece.

We will explore how the "Daughters of Penelope" Organization was pioneering for its time.
We will appraise the reasons why the eagle on the Daughters' emblem looks to its left wing unlike the Eagle of United States America which looks to its right. Furthermore, we will study how the goddess Athena and the goddess Estia, the philosophers Pythagoras and Plato, the Byzantine churches, the whole universe are interconnected with the Daughters’s Emblem.

Based on the isosceles cross, wreath, circle, swords we will see how they all relate to the Woman. Read the story that the emblem has to tell you and decide for yourself what it represents to you and how you will continue its history from now on.

As the great Alexandrian poet of that period K. Cavafy wrote in the poem of Ithaca:…
…. Ithaca gave you the nice journey without her you would not go out on the road…
As "Daughters of Penelope“, the Organization is our own Ithaca, without it there would be no journey…