Region Governor for Europe

Athanasia Vassiliadou

Current professional position

 Head of Talentcenter (Institution of adult education, Stuttgart)

Own Website

 Advice for future DoP

"Be yourself and change the world!"

Milestones in professional development

Master in Intercultural Communication
Master of Business Communication
Great German Language Diploma for Foreigners 
Train the trainer in Intercultural Communication 
Sale / 55.000 conversations with customers
Project Coordination
6.000 Recruitment interviews 
Employees and management trainings
Management Consulting

Memberships in various organizations and voluntary activities

City and district association of the CDU Germany
Frauen Union der CDU Baden Württemberg
Founding member and first chapter President of MeTera e.V. DoP Stuttgart e. V. 
Ludwigsburger Bündnis gegen Menschenhandel und IZwangs-IProstitution e. V.
Politik mit Frauen e. V. 

Founder of Greek Business Group at Xing  

Chapter 459  President DoP
 "Pallas Athena Vienna"

Althea Maria Papoulia

As daughter of Greek immigrants from Kato Achaia, Greece, she was born in Montréal,
Canada and was raised in Brockton, Mass. USA. She graduated with Honors with a Bachelor
of Music Degree in Vocal Performance from McGill University, Montréal, 1989. Having won
the Maria Callas Scholarship in Athens, 1988, her fellowship studies ensued in London,
England. The soprano’s opera career started in 1991 in Cologne, Germany and then spanned across the globe till 2011. After leaving the stage to attend to family life, she later returned to university, receiving her teaching certification for Children with Learning Differences, K-12, then received a Masters with Honors in the Globalization of Education, 2018, fromMoreland University. Her passions are the Vienna Philharmonic, studying the bible, playingguitar, fishing and singing, especially jazz, spiritual, gospel and other church music.

In October, 2023, she took on the challenge to found the Daughters’ of a Penelope chapter
in Vienna, Austria and she became its first President in March 2024. Since her parents,
brother and she were all part of the AHEPA family, she understands the important function
this organization has had in the lives of Greeks of the diaspora and in Greece and the role it
plays in keeping and honouring their proud heritage. She believes, the beauty of the
Daughters’ spirit and works has had and always will have a lasting and positive impact on the sisters themselves, their work, their families and the world around them.

 Chapter President DoP Paris "Phaetuse"

Niki Kalogera

Proud to be members of the DOP family! 

DOP Paris was created in 2018 

October 2018: Support of the renovation project of the historic landmark, the Hellenic Foundation, founded in 1932,  situated in the Cité Internationale Universitaire of Paris. Campaign “A Room in Your Name”.
February 2019: Professor’s George Dertilis Conference “War and Peace, Greece and Turkey: Pax Britannica (19th century) and Pax Americana (20th century)”, held at the Cercle Suédois in Paris.
May 2020: Donation to the Saskatoon French School (Saskatoon, Canada) for the purchase of school books for classroom libraries.
May 2020: Donation of linen to the Hellenic Community in Paris in order to make masks.
May - June 2020: Organization of an online fundraiser in order to support philanthropic projects during the sanitary crisis.
May - June 2020: 400 Greek pastries, offered by the traiteur, Mavrommatis and 200 macarons, offered by Pierre Hermé, were given to the medical staff of the Emergency Ward and Intensive Care Unit of the Robert Debré Hospital, the biggest pediatric hospital in Paris.
July 2020: Daughters of Penelope Paris took the initiative of having the song, SAVING THE WORLD, composed by the artist Monika, to be recorded at the Acropolis in Athens as a tribute to the heroes of Covid-19 and as a way of supporting the Greek healthcare sector. Funds raised went in support of the General University Hospital of Alexandroupolis, Greece.
December 2020 - May 2021: Following the fundraising project, the Association purchased 11,000 surgical masks that were offered to the following:
• the Hellenic Community of Paris
• Student Dormitory of Châtenay-Malabry
• the Greek Retirement Home - Hippocrate
• the Hellenic Foundation
• the Greek Orthodox St Stephan Cathedral
• the St’s Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church
• the Association “Pour nos aînés”.

February 2021: 14 boxes (170kg) of clothes were offered to Melissa Orphanage in Thessaloniki, Greece.
March 2021: International Women’s Day Conference in collaboration with the DOP European Coordinator.
March & April 2021: School supplies and food items were donated to the Ark of the World and the Child’s Smile, in Athens, Greece.
May 2021: Art history expert, Mrs Iris Kritikou’s presented via an e-conference, “Greece’s Independence through Art: Theofilos - Kapodistrias - Evzones” in order to celebrate 200 years from the Greek Revolution.
December 2021: Visit at the Louvre Museum for the exhibition entitled “Paris-Athens, The Birth of Modern Greece (1675 - 1919)”.
January 2022: With funds raised, a medical bed was purchased and donated to the General University Hospital of Alexandroupolis in Greece.
March 2022: Aid delivered to Poland to support the Ukrainian refugees (non-perishable food items, clothing, hygienic and medical products).
March 2022 Webinar “Paris-Athens : The Birth of the Modern Greek State and the Greek Heritage (1675 -1919)” presented by Mrs Anna Théodoridès focusing on the exhibition at the Louvre Museum.

Visit our website,  @daughtersofpenelopeparis

Current members :
Niki Kalogera President, Maria Chiotis-Miehe Vice-President, Aikaterini Delkoura General Secretary, Anastasia Papaki General Secretary, Kleanthi Sakka Treasurer, Alexandra Chryssostalis Past President (Feb 2020- Jan 2022), Mary Kakarika Communication-Social Media, Alexis Kagarakis, Eirini Petratou , Aikaterini Samara-Broussard , Zoi Chatzivretta Communication-Social Media

 Past Chapter President Paris "Phaetuse"

Alexandra Chryssostalis

 Family and House Manager for more than 20 years

Milestones in professional development

Ex-lawyer at the Paris Bar
Post Graduate Degree in Public International Law (DEA Panthéon Assas University Paris)
Post-Graduate Degree in EU Law (DESS Pantheon Assas University Paris)
Master in Private Law (Assas University Paris)
IHEI Certificate (Institut de Hautes Etudes Internationales) 


 Thrilled and inspired by Art since ever. Traveling